Payment Methods at Copywriter

What payment methods we are using at Copywriter?

If you are having interest using our services probably you asked yourself what is the prefer payment method we are using currently and how we can make this deal working? When I was searching for online work it was pretty hard to identify a proper one as the traditional payment method, PayPal was all over the place.

Payoneer will be the place to go.

Currently most acceptable payment method which I am able to use is Payoneer. PayPal is not an option for now.

Alternative options

Well, Payoneer has as minimum transactions set to $50, so if you have an order lower than $50 we should consider other payment methods. What I can propose for now is using Content mills and freelance platforms where I have profiles but I am not using them very often. If you have an order lower than $50 please let me know and together we can figure it out how we can make our deal possible.